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Marathon 2016




My Dear Lion Friends,

I am thrilled to have been selected as the Lions Club of Kathmandu Lazimpath Chautari Club President for the 2016 - 17 year.

As we are one of the largest Lions clubds in our District and have been a very visible member of the Lions Clubs International. Our members are known for their motivation to serve and generosity of their time and talents.

We have several engaging and inovative events throughout he year as environmental awareness club, global warming awareness and proactive timely mediation and tree plantation events cater to people of all ages.

The Lion secretariat and ou clubhouse are fully facilitated to hosts for many other events as well throughout the year. These events range from meetings, summer camps, awareness programmes, upcomming projects briefing and assessment and our members are always willing to showcase our crown jewel, Lions Club of Kathmandu Lazimpath Chautari secretarial. We are currently engrossed actively in Cleanliness and Sanitaion Initiative Project as an attempt to not only clean our suburb Lazimpath bt create a culture among the residents as well.

"we Serve"is the Lions'motto, and I look forward to leading this to new heights of acheivement and performance as we serve our community.

Lion Suraj Khanal
Club President (LY-2016-2017)
Lions Clubs of Kathmandu Lazimpath Chautari - 120158

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Lion Bak Krishna Burlakoti
District Governor 2016-2017
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Lion Krishna Acharya
Cabinet Secretary
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Kathmandu Lazimpat Chautari
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Lions Club of Kathmandu Lazimpat Chautari

Lions Clubs are involved in establishing and managing foundations for the purposes of raising funds and making grants for medical research, health care, assisting adults and children with disabilities, emergency response and other purposes to help the community. We hope our website will help you gain awareness of the scope of foundation work supported by Lions.

Adults and youth are welcome to join Lions, to participate in or support the work of the foundations. Grants from the foundations are made to benefit the community via the local Lions Clubs. Communities seeking assistance should contact their local Lions Club.

Providing financial assistance and support in cases of National Disaster, Emergency and Community Welfare, encouraging International Understanding and Cooperation by Relief projects in Developing Countries.


Activities provide benefits to the Community, including programs for our youth, medical research and health related activities, assistance to adults and children with disability and response to emergencies or disasters.

Lions Clubs in every town run many local activities. The activities may be to raise money for local people or projects. Usually a club would prefer to put the majority of money raised back into its local community. Also the State or Multiple Districts run Projects, which have been sanctioned by the majority of clubs, at an annual convention.

In addition, the International Association may sanction a worldwide project via the International Convention.

Activities which assist the community are funded by appeals, or donations and bequests from the public, but the administration of a Lions Club is generally self funded by the members themselves. They cannot appeal for Administration funds from the public unless it is specifically advertised as such.

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Interested in volunteering as a member or serving in a board vacancy in the not-for-profit sector? To join a Lions Club, is by invitation, but applications are encouraged from all members of the community. One more member gives us two more hands to do service in our community, at home and internationally Benefits of being a member include fellowship, good times, meeting people, building lasting friendships, service to the community, learning new skills, leadership and personal development.

Membership is open to men and women over the age of 18 years and of good moral character and reputation.