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Marathon 2016

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Charity begins at home. A noble sentiment much used in the past and in the hurried and hectic life of the Twenty-First Century much forgotten about as people pursue the "good life". And yet, all around are the members of most societies who are overlooked and ignored as people pursue their own dreams and ambitions. For the Lions of Nepal the act of charity must and will be extended to all as the needs and the concerns of many are identified.

For the child who sleeps on the street corner while people walk by, over or around him, the problem is almost hidden in view of all. And yet, though many act, few listen and the tragedy of a lost generation looms large. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME! The aged mother or father who has no family, needs a safety net to fall back on when illness or financial problems steal their ability to function in society. This is a problem that is rapidly becoming a major concern for the aged in Nepal. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!

Libraries in rural areas need books and rural children need access after hours to be able to read and enjoy. Many times schools get the books and the children have no access when school is closed. The need then is to have hours when the libraries at school and elsewhere are closed and the children can then have access to the books. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!

Nepal is one of the few countries in the world that is almost an impossible destination for handicapped individuals. Hotels and other housing accommodations have no handrails in the bathrooms, wide doors to accommodate wheel chairs! No access ramps to restaurants or other sights in the country. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME! Orphans exist all over Nepal. Some are abandoned because of financial reasons. Some are given up for societal reasons within a family. All are in need. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!

The above list is short, but the actual needs would be long. If the Lions identify a need and the idea is to follow ones dream, then the concept of charity beginning at home can become a reality. It need not be a dream or a subject discussed and dismissed as the coffee or tea cools and the subject fades away with the crowd. Let us look to the future with confidence and pride in the knowledge that we, as Lions, revitalized and made it a truism for all: CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!


Larry Brown

A third generation Californian, Lawrence Brown graduated from California State University Sacramento in 1961. A tour of duty in the Pacific on an oiler with the United States Navy brought the love of Asia and travel into his life...

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