The 8 Best Bike Racks of 2022

Stash your favorite two-wheeler in style.

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More and more city officials and urban planners are turning to bike sharing programs and designing bikeable cities. That’s because bicycles are a convenient and fun way to exercise, run errands, or commute. They’re also a carbon-free way to travel, which is great for the environment.

Yet owning a bike can also be a bit of a financial investment. That means they need to be stowed safely and securely. Sure, foldable bikes are easy to store, but most adult bikes take up space. Furthermore, if you are part of a couple or family or an avid cyclist who rocks both skinny and fat tires, you may have multiple bikes to house.

To find the right storage option, you’ll want to consider the length of your bike, the width of its tires, the handlebar shape, and how much room you have in your home, garage, or shed. You’ll also want to determine if you want a portable or more permanent storage solution.

We found indoor and outdoor storage ideas for stashing your favorite two-wheeler when you’re not out on a joy ride. Read on for the best bike racks.

Best Overall: Delta Two Bike Rugged Gravity Stand

Delta Two Bike Rugged Gravity Stand

The easy to assemble horizontal bike rack is made of industrial-grade powder-coated steel. The adjustable arms are sturdy enough to accommodate a load of up to 100 pounds, so you may be able to use it to store some electric bikes.

Simply lean the rack against a wall, and gravity will keep your bikes secured. The design is also elegant enough to be used indoors if you don’t have a garage. Some models hold either two or four bicycles.

Best Budget: Bikehand Bike Hanger

Bikehand Bike Hanger

These are perfect hangers for cyclists who have limited storage space but don’t want to spend a lot of money to stash their ride.

The hangers are designed for simplicity and durability. Each one holds bikes up to 55 pounds. They can accommodate wheels sized 14 to 29 inches in diameter. These heavy-duty bike hangers are fixed to the wall with four screws (please find the stud for best security). The rubber coating protects bike frames from scratches.

Best Floor Stand: Bikehand Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand

BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand

The quick and easy “push-in” system (rather than lifting it) is what makes this floor stand a favorite. This product also has three touchpoints that hold the tire, making it more stable than similar stands in this category.

That extra stability makes this an excellent option for heavier styles like mountain bikes and beach cruisers. But the rack holds most bikes with tires less than 2.4 inches in width. Another sweet perk: this is a foldable and portable stand so that you can take it with you on a backpacking or camping trip. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Best Ceiling Hoist: RAD Cycle Bike Hoist Garage Bike Rack

RAD Cycle Bike Hoist Garage Bike Rack

When there’s nowhere to go with your bike but up, you need the Rad Cycle Bike Lift. This ceiling-mounted rack system takes your bike up in the air with an easy-to-use two-piece pulley system. It's best used in rooms with ceilings up to 12 feet.

The rack can hold a whopping 100 pounds, so you can trust it to keep most bikes safe and secure. Two rubber-coated hooks hold the seat and the handlebars.

Best for Garage: Koova Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack

Koova Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack

The Koova bike storage rack stores up to six bikes. That makes it an optimal choice for storing a fleet. It comes with bonus accessory hooks for keeping helmets, locks, and other essential gear nearby. This unit is two racks that total 64 inches in length. They’re made in the United States from heavy-gauge powder-coated steel.

The hook hangers are durable and designed at an angle to support bikes without damaging rims, tires, or spokes. They can even handle fat tires up to 3 inches wide. A lifetime warranty is included.

Best Wall Mounted: Steadyrack Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Steadyrack Bike Rack

Tight quarters are no problem for this slim wall-mounted rack. This model is designed with some nifty easy-to-use and space-saving features. Once you’ve balanced your bike on its rear wheel, just push it in the rack. No lifting required! Then use the 180-degree pivot feature to make your bike flat against the wall.

These racks are built to last out of steel and UV-treated plastic. That means the outdoor racks will hold up well in both residential and commercial areas. They are backed by a five-year warranty (registration required). They hold up to 77 pounds and fit tires from 20 inches to 29 inches in diameter. However, it's not suitable for bikes with front fenders.

Best Splurge: StoreYourBoard Bike Rack + Storage Shelf

StoreYourBoard Bike Rack + Storage Shelf

Virginia-based Store Your Board is an industry leader in outdoor gear storage ideas—from bikes to stand-up paddleboards to skis. This steel and aluminum rack-shelf system will hold up to 300 pounds of bikes, pumps, tools, helmets, and other accessories.

It’s designed to hold up to five bicycles with adjustable attachments for road, mountain, cruiser, youth, hybrid frames, and multiple handlebar styles. Rubber-coated hooks prevent scratching.

It was also designed for quick and straightforward wall mounting in a garage or shed. For best results, the manufacturer recommends using a stud-finder before hanging. You’ll need room for the rack to spread out as it measures 46 inches wide.

Best Outdoor Residential/Commercial: CycleSafe Commercial Bike Racks

CycleSafe Commercial Bike Racks

Committed to using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, CycleSafe offers bike racks of 22.3 percent post-consumer recycled steel with a total recovered material content of 25 to 30 percent.

They’re coated with low VOC finishes. For example, the inverted U and event racks are dipped in scratch and corrosion-resistant coatings to preserve product life but heated at low temperatures to minimize emissions. They ship in cartons and pallets manufactured locally with recyclable materials. All pallets are reusable and biodegradable.

If you’re looking for a non-metal option, R3 Site Furnishings makes outdoor racks from recycled plastic lumber. Available in 6-inch or 8-inch lengths.

Final Verdict

If you’re up in the air about storing a bike in your garage, the RAD Cycle Bike Lift Hoist is a smart option (view at Walmart). For those looking for vertical storage options for multiple bikes, consider StoreYourBoard (view at Amazon) or Koova multi-bike racks (view at Amazon).

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